Out of the Mouths of (my) Babes

My Two Brothers

By Cathryne

My two brothers
Standing tall
Holding each other
While they fall.

Many died
Some had lived
Not many survived
Firefighters and more had died.

Fear was intense
Terror was high
Building suspense
That reached the sky.

A river of tears
Is what remains
Hope, laughter, and fears
Along with filthy blood stains.

From this day on
We will never forget
What happened that day.

I Am The American Dream

By Cathryne

I wonder if there are Nazi Worshippers
I hear the ocean in the breeze
I see stars in daylight
I want an adventure before life passes me
I am the American Dream

I pretend to dance
I feel the wind whipping in my hair
I worry about what happens after death
I cry at the mention of fear
I am the American Dream

I understand the meaning of war
I say I don't care - but do I mean it
I dream about peace all over the globe
I try to find a cure for cancer
I hope to succeed in everything that I do
I am the American Dream

By Frankie

That one early morning the towers stood tall
That one early morning we watch them fall 
So up above so high the fire lied 
We tried everything until the people died almost ten years ago
After 56 minutes later one tower left to go
A half an hour later the other followed the other 
Years later one after another
We still remember today 
As the younger generations were at play
We should always remember yes we should 
If I can change that fateful day you know I would