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The Guardians of Brooklyn

gob"What's the address of the fire?"

It was the twenty-fourth time that Fire Alarm Dispatcher Tommy McDonald, who was nearing the end of a double shift at FDNY's Brooklyn Central Office, had asked that question in the last two hours. Nondescript on the outside, most people walking by thought the Brooklyn CO was part of the nearby Prospect Park Zoo. The dispatchers inside knew that the zoo was a much quieter calmer place by comparison.

The Guardians of Brooklyn follows the lives of two fire alarm dispatchers, one a rookie and one a 17-year veteran, as they navigate through fire department politics, city politics, arson for profit, murder, union politics and love.

The author has more books in this trilogy, a novelette, and they're available on Amazon in print or on your Kindle device.

Rescuing Madison

madisonBeautiful, All-American Pop Star, Madison Park is at the height of her career when she suddenly decides she wants the one thing she doesn't have true love. When a handsome fire-fighter saves her life it leads to a fiery romance. But her on-again, off-again boyfriend (and fellow Pop Star) isn't ready to let her go. But does he really care for Madison or is he just trying to revive his stalled career. Available at Amazon

Books By Lt. John Finucane, Ret.

The Usual

usualThe Usual is the story of a young firefighter's journey to become the best firefighter he could be during one of the busiest times in our nation's firefighting history. Whether youre a new reader with no exposure to the "War Years" or a veteran firefighter with memories and tales of your own, you'll find something to connect with in these stories. You'll find what a few brave firefighters can do when pushed to the extreme. You'll find how these men brought courage and hope to a time and a place that was short on both. And you'll find that The Usual is anything but.

When The Bronx Burned

burnedIn his novel, When the Bronx Burned, John Finucane, a retired lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department, tells the fascinating story of the burning of the Charlotte Street area of New York's South Bronx during the late 1960s and 70s; an era when arson-for-profit drove hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. It's an intriguing story that shows a New York that most people are completely unfamiliar with. The premise allows for a great deal of conflict and action, for the heroes aren't just fighting flames, they are fighting a brutal gang of arsonists, the slumlords that employ them, and the political machine that permits the scheme to take place.

You can find all of John's books on Amazon.

Other Books

The Last Alarm

Cover pic M.T. Publishing is selling a book titled "The Last Alarm". This will be the most complete list of every fire fighter to die in the line of duty in the history of the NYC Fire Department. One of the co-authors, Mike Boucher, is a dispatcher and he has been working on this project over 10 years.

During his research he spent countless hours at the Mand library reading through old Department orders, scanned old copies of documents at the City Archive, read musty old company journals, and copied page after page of microfiche. He put everything he had into the making of this book.

Often he'd compile a days research at the office and I'd read some of the stories behind each of the names. Some are downright bizarre. Some are not even recognized as official line of duty deaths by the FDNY!

The publishers price for this authoritative book is $49.00 (plus S+H) with $2.00 of every sale going to The FDNY Foundation. MT Publishing