Those Who Gave All on September 11, 2001

The following is a list of the members to date for which we transmitted signal 5-5-5-5.

9/12/01Peter J GanciChief of DepartmentHQ1
9/12/01William M Feehan1st Deputy Commissioner HQ2
9/12/01Fr. Mychal JudgeDeputy Chief - ChaplainHQ3
9/13/01Raymond R YorkFire FighterE2854
9/13/01Daniel T SuhrFire FighterE2165
9/13/01Daniel J BrethelCaptainL0246
9/14/01Andrew J DesperitoLieutenantE0017
9/14/01Michael T WeinbergFire FighterE0018
9/14/01Martin E McWilliamsFire FighterE0229
9/14/01Glen E WilkinsonLieutenantE23810
9/14/01Peter J CarrollFire FighterSquad 111
9/15/01Walter G HynesCaptainL01312
9/15/01Robert CuratoloFire FighterL01613
9/16/01John P WilliamsonBattalion ChiefBC0614
9/16/01Martin J Egan, Jr.CaptainDC1515
9/16/01William HenryFire FighterRS0116
9/16/01Eric T AllenFire FighterSquad 1817
9/16/01Manuel MojicaFire FighterSquad 1818
9/16/01Lawrence J VirgilioFire FighterSquad 1819
9/16/01Timothy HaskallFire FighterSquad 1820
9/16/01Thomas P HannafinFire FighterL00521
9/16/01Loius ArenaFire FighterL00522
9/16/01John A SantoreFire FighterL00523
9/16/01Andrew C BrunnFire FighterL00524
9/16/01Sean S HanleyFire FighterL02025
9/17/01Richard A PruntyBattalion ChiefBC0226
9/17/01Dennis MojicaLieutenantRS0127
9/17/01Michael P WarcholaLieutenantL00528
9/18/01Geoffrey E GujaLieutenantBC4329
9/19/01Timothy M StackpoleCaptainDC1130
9/19/01Joseph J AngeliniFire FighterRS0131
9/20/01Dennis A CrossBattalion ChiefBC5732
9/20/01William J McGovernBattalion ChiefBC0233
9/20/01Joseph E MaloneyFire FighterL00334
9/22/01Gerard P SchrangFire FighterRS0335
9/23/01Patrick J O'KeefeFire FighterRS0136
9/23/01James AmatoCaptainSquad 137
9/24/01John A CrisciLieutenantHaz Mat 138
9/24/01Lincoln QuappeFire FighterRS0239
9/24/01Thomas J FoleyFire FighterRS0340
9/25/01Kevin M O'RourkeFire FighterRS0241
9/26/01William S O'KeefeCaptainDC1542
9/26/01Thomas P HolohanFire FighterE00643
11/28/01 Christopher Santora *Fire FighterE05444
9/26/01David HaldermanFire FighterSquad 1845
9/28/01William McGinnLieutenantSquad 1846
9/29/01Terrence S HattonCaptainRS0147
9/30/01Michael G MontessiFire FighterRS0148
10/1/01Patrick J WatersCaptainSOC49
10/2/01Timothy B HigginsLieutenantSOC50
10/2/01Raymond E MurphyLieutenantL01651
10/2/01Neil J LeavyFire FighterE21752
10/2/01John F HeffernanFire FighterL01153
10/2/01Thomas J HetzelFire FighterL01354
10/2/01Kevin M PriorFire FighterSquad 25255
10/2/01Dennis M CareyFire FighterHaz Mat 156
10/3/01Frederick Ill, Jr.CaptainL00257
10/3/01Faustino Apostol, Jr.Fire FighterBC0258
10/3/01Michael J ClarkeFire FighterL00259
10/3/01Martin M DeMeoFire FighterHaz Mat 160
10/3/01Andrew A FredericksFire FighterSquad 1861
10/3/01Bruce H GaryFire FighterE04062
10/3/01William JohnstonFire FighterE00663
10/4/01Michael J QuiltyLieutenantL01164
10/4/01Robert E ParroFire FighterE00865
10/4/01Dennis P McHughFire FighterL01366
10/9/01John M PaolilloBattalion ChiefBC1167
10/9/01Carl E MolinaroFire FighterL00268
10/10/01Michael D MullanFire FighterL01269
10/11/01Manuel DelValleFire FighterE00570
10/11/01Daniel F LibrettiFire FighterRS0271
10/11/01William D LakeFire FighterRS0272
10/16/01Gregory M StajkFire FighterL01373
10/17/01Gerard NevinsFire FighterRS0174
10/23/01Stephen G HarrellLieutenantBC0775
10/23/01Peter L FreundLieutenantE05576
10/23/01Stephen RussellFire FighterE05577
10/23/01Jeffery J OlsenFire FighterE01078
10/23/01Sean P TallonFire FighterL01079
10/25/01David LaForgeFire FighterL02080
10/25/01John GiordanoFire FighterHaz Mat 181
10/25/01Matthew GarveyFire FighterSquad 182
10/27/01Ronald BuccaFire MarshalBFI83
10/28/01Michael E RobertsFire FighterE21484
10/28/01Terrence P FarrellFire FighterRS0485
10/28/01Peter A NelsonFire FighterRS0486
10/28/01Durrell V PearsallFire FighterRS0487
10/29/01Joseph G LeaveyLieutenantRS0488
10/29/01John J FlorioFire FighterE21489
10/29/01Allan TarasiewiczFire FighterRS0590
10/30/01Carl BedigianFire FighterE21491
10/31/01William J MahoneyFire FighterRS0492
10/31/01Kenneth T WatsonFire FighterE21493
11/2/01Robert D McMahaonFire FighterL02094
11/4/01Scott M DavidsonFire FighterL11895
11/4/01Thomas J KennedyFire FighterL10196
11/4/01Terrence A McShaneFire FighterL10197
11/5/01Michael J CawleyFire FighterL13698
11/12/01Brian CannizzaroFire FighterL10199
11/15/01Matthew S RoganFire FighterL011100
11/18/01Robert T LinnaneFire FighterL020101
11/19/01Matthew L RyanBattalion ChiefBC04102
11/19/01Timothy P McSweeneyFire FighterL003103
11/21/01James M GrayFire FighterL020104
11/22/01John P BurnsideFire FighterL020105
11/23/01Robert J CrawfordFire FighterSB01106
11/23/01Michael J ElferisFire FighterE022107
11/23/01Vincent D KaneFire FighterE022108
11/27/01Brian E SweeneyFire FighterRS01109
11/29/01Philip S PettiLieutenantL148110
11/29/01Angel L Juarbe, Jr.Fire FighterL012111
12/8/01Peter C MartinLieutenantRS02112
12/8/01Ronald T KerwinLieutenantSquad 288113
12/8/01David J FontanaFire FighterSquad 1114
12/8/01Ronnie GiesFire FighterSquad 288115
12/10/01Gerard P DewanFire FighterL003116
12/12/01Jonathon L IelpiFire FighterSquad 288117
12/15/01Patrick BrownCaptainL003118
12/15/01Michael CarrollFire FighterL003119
12/17/01Timothy M WeltyFire FighterSquad 288120
12/17/01Robert T LaneFire FighterE055121
12/19/01Lee FehlingFire FighterE235122
12/27/01John A SchardtFire FighterE201123
12/27/01Keith RomaPatrolmanFP02**
12/28/01Greg BuckFire FighterE201124
12/28/01Vincent PrinciottaFire FighterL007125
12/29/01Paul R MartinLieutenantE201126
12/31/01Steven CoakleyFire FighterE217127
1/2/02Joseph AgnelloFire FighterL118128
1/2/02George C CainFire FighterL007129
1/2/02Peter A VegaFire FighterL118130
1/2/02Robert M ReganLieutenantL118131
1/2/02Charles P MendezFire FighterL118132
1/2/02Christopher J PickfordFire FighterE201133
1/2/02Michael D D'auriaFire FighterE040134
1/3/02Joseph RivelliFire FighterL025135
1/12/02Thomas SchoalesFire FighterE004136
1/14/02Steven J OlsonFire FighterL003137
1/21/02David P DerubbioFire FighterE226138
1/21/02Michael E BrennanFire FighterL004139
1/24/02Ricardo QuinnEMS LieutenantEMS BTN 57140
1/26/02David G ArceFire FighterE033141
1/28/02Dennis M MulliganFire FighterL002142
1/28/02Robert King, JrFire FighterE033143
1/28/02Richard D AllenFire FighterL015144
2/06/02Kevin J PfeifferLieutenantE033145
2/06/02John P TierneyFire FighterL009146
2/08/02Paul H KeatingFire FighterL005147
3/14/02Kevin W DonnellyLieutenantL003148
3/14/02Michael F LynchFire FighterL004149
3/14/02Joseph J AngelliniFire FighterL004150
3/14/02Michael H HaubFire FighterL004151
3/15/02Jeffrey J GiordanoFire FighterL003152
3/15/02John M CollinsFire FighterL025153
3/15/02Samuel T OiticeFire FighterL004154
3/19/02Matthew E BarnesFire FighterL025155
3/20/02John K McAvoyFire FighterL003156
3/21/02Robert Spear JrFire FighterE050157
3/22/02Donald J BurnsAssistant Chief of DepartmentHQ158
3/23/02Paul G RubackFire FighterL025159
3/23/02Vincent MorelloFire FighterL035160
3/23/02Michael F LynchFire FighterE040161
3/23/02John F GinleyLieutenantE040162
3/25/02Joseph GrzelakBattalion ChiefBC48163
3/25/02Glenn C PerryLieutenantL034164
3/25/02Paul J PansiniFire MarshalE010165
3/25/02Robert W McPaddenFire FighterE023166
3/26/02James C RichesFire FighterE004167
3/29/02Paul M BeyerFire FighterE006168
3/29/02Michael BoyleFire FighterE033169
3/30/02John G ChipuraFire FighterE219170
4/02/02Richard B Van HineFire FighterSquad 41171
4/05/02James PappageorgeFire FighterE023172
4/05/02Mark P WhitfordFire FighterE023173
4/06/02Joseph D Farrelly ***CaptainE004174
4/06/02Arhtur T BarryFire FighterL015175
4/06/02James A GibersonFire FighterL035176
4/09/02Thomas A CasoriaFire FighterE022177
4/11/02Denis P GermainFire FighterL002178
4/12/02Scott A LarsenFire FighterL015179
4/13/02Robert E EvansFire FighterE033180
4/20/02Calixto Anaya JrFire FighterE004181
4/27/02Peter BielfeldFire FighterL042182
4/27/02Daniel E HarlinFire FighterL002183
5/08/02Joseph A MascaliFire FighterRescue 5184
5/08/02James R CoyleFire FighterL003185
5/15/02Raymond M DowneyDeputy ChiefSpecial Operations186
5/17/02Vernon P CherryFire FighterL118187
5/17/02Dana R HannonFire FighterE026188
5/24/02Eric T OlsenFire FighterL015189
5/29/02John J Tipping IIFire FighterL004190
6/2/02Gregory R SikorskyFire FighterSquad 41191
6/19/02Salvatore B CalabroFire FighterL101192
6/27/02Michael A EspositoCaptain ****Squad 1193
6/30/02Robert W HamiltonFire FighterSquad 41194
7/13/02Kenneth B KumpelFire MarshalL025195
7/19/02Charles W GarbariniLieutenantBC09196
7/26/02Carlos R LilloParamedicEMS BTN 49197
7/30/02Michael L BocchinoFire FighterBC48198
8/10/02Robert J MinaraFire FighterL025199
8/16/02Thomas DeAngelisBattalion ChiefBC08200
8/20/02Joseph P SporFire FighterRescue 3201
9/10/02Gerard BaptisteFire FighterL009202
11/2/02George DiPasqualeFire FighterL002203
6/11/03Vernon A RichardCaptainL007204
6/8/16Lawrence T StackBattalion ChiefSafety Battalion205
9/5/19Michael H HaubFire FighterL004206

The 5-5-5-5 # is the order in which the names were read on the department radio, not necessarily the order in which they were found.

* The 44th 5-5-5-5 originally was identified as Jose A Guadalupe from E044. On November 28, 2001, they disinterred the body and discovered it to be that of Christopher Santora, also from E044. Jose Guadalupe's body has not been found as of yet. Back to Christopher Santora

** Keith Roma was a member of the Fire Patrol. Never before, in the department's history, has any member of the Patrol had the honor of being included in a 5-5-5-5 transmission. Notwithstanding that, since he is not a Department employee, his death is not included in the official count of 343 members. Back to Keith Roma

*** Promoted to Battalion Chief effective 9/10/01. Back to Joseph Farrelly

**** Promoted to Captain effective 9/10/01.Back to Michael Esposito