I'll Be There

By: Nathan DelCoglin

Dispatcher 4023 Dept. of Public Safety

CCHS Newark, Delaware

When you are alone at 2 a.m. I will be there.
When you are chasing a suspect. I'll be with you every step.
When you call for back up. I'll be there and direct officers to you.
When you are under a hale of gunfire. I'll be there crouched down with you.
When you are riddled with bullets. I'll be there and make certain your
brother Officers and the ambulance finds you. 

When you are searching a burning room for a child trapped. I'll be there.
When the room flashes over igniting every thing. I'll be there. 
When the roof collapses trapping you beneath the rubble. I'll be there. 
When you call for a May-Day. I'll be there and make sure your brother
Firefighters find you. 
When you are pulled from the burning building. I'll be there and make sure
the ambulance is waiting.

When you search a dark vacant building for a drug overdose. I'll be there.
When your patient is drunk and pulls a knife. I'll be there. 
When a family member pulls a gun on you and tells you. "You better save my
brother." I'll be there. 
When you are blind-sided in a dark room by a guy with a 2X4. I'll be there.
As you lie on the floor and your so called patient beats you unconscious.
I'll be there and make sure. The police and your brother EMS finds you. 

I am not a guardian angel, nor some one who watches over you. 
I cannot pull you from danger. I cannot render any physical assistance. 
But I WILL BE THERE. And I will do everything I can to keep you alive. 
I am a Dispatcher. Your link to safety and survival.